Texas City High School

Texas City High School was constructed on an existing site located next to the current stadium and fronting the major city boulevard, Palmer Highway. This site is part of the community’s town center complex which includes the Civic Center, Community Center and Natatorium, the City Library and City Hall. All of these facilities are part of a city park that includes playgrounds, walking trails and beautiful live oaks. A fifty-year-old elementary school and intermediate school were demolished and replaced with new schools in the community, thus making room for the new high school campus.

The high school includes all the exciting and functional spaces needed in a contemporary school to support cutting-edge technology, fully-equipped science facilities, career and technology labs, gymnasium and athletic programs, a multi-purpose cafeteria and a performance auditorium. Unique fine art spaces, classrooms, decentralized administration offices and an easily accessible library all are designed to enrich the learning environment.

Circulation is clearly defined by a central mall that. revolves around a two-story commons which is flooded with natural light from a 360° clerestory. The site includes full bus circulation combined with designated staff parking, a separate parent drop-off drive and student parking lots. All parking areas are also designed for use by patrons and students during evening and weekend events in the stadium, gymnasiums, auditorium and library. The location and design of the school are meant to complement and reinforce the importance and openness of the town center in a park-like setting on the major thoroughfare of the community.