Sabine Pass PreK-12 School

At the mouth of the Sabine River where Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico meet lies the town of Sabine Pass, part fishing village, part offshore industrial park. In an almost unanimous vote in 1999, the residents of Sabine Pass decided to build a new PreK-12 grade school, administration and boardroom all under one roof.

It was impossible to approach this project without being influenced by the Gulf and the positives and negatives that come from it. Because of the school’s location, it was elevated to 11 feet above sea level which is eight feet above natural ground. Additionally, the somewhat physical isolation of this town dictates that this facility will serve as an emergency shelter for the entire community. The remoteness of this town, coupled with a relatively small student population, increases the need for cutting edge technology including extensive arrangements for distance learning. Beyond the functional aspects, this school is the only public facility in this town that serves as a point of pride and identity for residents.

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