Post Elementary School Addition and Renovations

The original Post Elementary School was constructed in 1960 with a major addition in 1972. The site is shared with a high school and an adjacent city park. Flood plain adjustments in the last decade put the existing school inside new flood plain elevation requirements requiring new construction to be three feet above the current elevation. Since the District wanted to demolish the oldest campus section (between two (2) newer additions), it required that the new center section be elevated above the remaining portions of the school. To make this transition natural inside the new campus, ramps and steps were used to create design elements.

As one of the oldest elementary schools in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, the sentimental value to the community was high. The demolition of the center of the building and construction of the new facility to rejoin the now separate wings of the occurred while over 900 students remained in class. This was a logistical challenge; however, the cost of $141/SF was a great value for the District and community. The additions and renovations to the school allow existing site traffic patterns to remain in a similar original configuration with minor adjustments for the addition. A new tower was added at the school’s main entry and is a prominent physical landmark for students, staff and community members. A major site change is the addition of a detention pond that is located within the existing bus loop greenspace. The addition’s layout responds to the District’s programmatic requirements. The academic area is organized around the library which serves as an architectural element joining the addition to renovated areas. Science classrooms are located in the core of each side of the library and serve as an acoustic buffer for the open classroom concepts in the academic wings. Music and art are located on the addition’s east side and are adjacent to the gym allowing for a shorter walking time for students.