Porter High School

Porter High School is the second high school for New Caney ISD with a core student capacity of 1,500 students. This 356,100 SF high school required the development of a 57-acre heavily wooded site. With an optimum capacity of 2,400 students, the project includes complete technology infrastructure, three (3) practice football fields, baseball and softball fields and six (6) tennis courts.

The Porter High School site is on a 68-acre tract of land located on FM 1314 to the north of Riverwalk Drive with a 500 foot reserved commercial property on FM 1314. The proposed site is master planned to alter Sandy Lane and provide primary vehicular access into that neighborhood and the school site from the new extension off Riverwalk Drive. Entry for students is located at the southeast end of the site near the gymnasium, and faculty access has been located at the north end of the site near the academic wing. Visitors have a separate access centrally located to the main entry of the school. Bus traffic has been isolated at the south end of the site and has a separate drop-off loop near the gymnasium and theater facilities with a covered canopy drop off area. Parking areas on site have been divided to provide separate lots serving the gymnasiums, auditorium and sports fields for functions held outside of regular school hours. The site includes sports fields with a separate, centrally located field house on the northeast side of the school building. A stand of various mature trees is present on the site and master planning of all facilities preserves many of the trees to create natural vistas and a park-like atmosphere within the campus.

The building plan is designed with three (3) main corridors of main streets meeting at a large, common area centrally located in the building providing visual control of all areas of the school. The southwest corridor leading to the main front entry provides access to the administrative areas and library. All academic classes are located off the north corridor in a two-story structure. The southeast corridor provides access to the auditorium, art and drama departments and gymnasium. The cafetorium and a large outside courtyard area located directly off the common area rotunda. Large expanses of glass in the central areas allow vistas of the natural setting provided by the existing trees on the site. The academic wing is separated into the various departments with each having their own office, workroom and storage areas. The freshman classes have been grouped together on the second floor with access to science classes shared with the upper level grades. All student lockers have been located along one side of the academic corridors on each floor. The gymnasiums and auditorium on the southeast corridor have been designed with their related spaces and common ingress/egress while providing each with a common concession area.