Pietzsch MacArthur Elementary School

Beaumont I.S.D. was operating two elementary schools on basically the same site for several years. Pietzsch Elementary, the oldest structure, was becoming unsafe due to age and nature. MacArthur Elementary, the last addition which was completed in the 1950’s, had portions of the building in the same condition.

The Board of Trustees made the decision to combine the two schools into one school. Site and building investigations were done and it was determined that the auditorium area and the gymnasium building would remain and be upgraded. To design a school for a maximum of 1,200 students, the MacArthur site had to be increased. The site limitations required the plan to conform to an “L” shape in which the offices and Library core became the pivot, or hinge point. This also physically separated the smaller children (Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grades on the Pietzsch site) from the older children (3rd through 5th grades on the MacArthur site). The older children’s use of the auditorium and gymnasium on the MacArthur site made the most sense and the gymnasium became the anchor.