Northpointe Intermediate School

Northpointe Intermediate School, the first Tomball ISD intermediate campus built to house fifth through sixth grade only, was designed to help minimize overcrowding in several of the District’s schools. In order to effectively manage the growing student population, Tomball ISD administrators split fifth-eighth graders into two (2) groups; fifth-sixth graders would attend the three (3) intermediate campuses, while seventh-eighth graders would attend the District’s two (2) junior high schools. The Northpointe Intermediate School relieved four (4) overcrowded campuses of 900 students.

With the help of a committee made up of teachers, administrators, parents and students, IBI Group designed a single-story facility that blends well with the wooded 10.5-acre site. The Y-shaped plan allows for each grade to have its own academic house that includes a science lab, resource room and computer lab. The central areas such as the library, cafeteria, music hall, gymnasium and office are shared by the two (2) grades.