La Vernia Intermediate School

La Vernia Intermediate School is situated on a naturally sloping terrain in between existing primary school and high school campuses. The factors impacting the site development included relieving traffic congestion along a busy adjacent public road, flood control and terrain. As a response, the building was kept to a small footprint and was placed on higher ground in close proximity to the existing primary school.

The exterior of the building features a varied and vibrant masonry color scheme as well as a crisp, contemporary porch form to signify entry points. The floor plan is characterized by a two-story academic block separated from the rest of the building by a monumental ramp and stairway area. The major spaces are arranged around a wide main street with noisy programs such as the gym and cafeteria on one side and the administrative area and library on the other side. The two-story academic block serving third-fifth grade utilizes an inner-loop spun off the main street to increase plan efficiency. The main street incorporates a series of ramps to allow the building to drop down and follow the slope of the natural terrain. The result is a very compact footprint that makes for shorter trips for students to everyday activities and is easily monitored by staff.

IBI Group provided bond planning services to La Vernia ISD, resulting in a successful bond referendum that included a new intermediate school, addition and renovations to the junior high school, addition and renovations to the primary school and a new districtwide auditorium/gymnasium complex.

+ Master Planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.