Kemp Elementary School
Carver Early Childhood Center

The design solution married two separate facilities (Kemp Elementary School and Carver Early Childhood Center) around an existing historical facility. This was achieved by providing entrances for each of the two schools from different streets. The Bryan I.S.D. community requested the original monumental signage to be incorporated into the new design. Saving and renovating the gymnasium and auditorium provided an over-sized play area and a large meeting space, with bleacher seating. The district and design team worked early on to engage the community in decisions regarding their historic schools. The community contributed their vision that allowed for consolidation of the two schools onto one site, with shared core facilities. By remaining independent schools under one roof, the district was able to continue the legacy of both, while creating 21st century facilities. Historical elements of the older facilities were saved and incorporated into the design of the new facility.

Because the original facility was designed as a junior/senior high campus, there were conditions that were not conducive to elementary school age learners. All of these issues were either demolished, or corrected in the new construction. All educational spaces and fixtures are now age appropriate. Additionally, the site amenities include separate play areas based on the needs of the children. Current technology and infrastructure is now available in all education spaces.