Katy Police Department Addition and Renovations

In 2005, Katy, Texas, found itself transitioning from a rural suburb of Houston to a rapidly growing city. The ever increasing population strained the existing law enforcement facilities and the City realized that in order to stay ahead of the curve they needed to plan for the future. They had simply outgrown their police station. IBI Group partnered with the City to develop a program for the police department, evaluate what they presently had available and determine the best course for moving forward. Due to the location of the existing facility, there was a strong desire to retain the existing locale.

The final direction to be taken was a complete renovation of the existing facility, as well as a substantial addition, resulting in a new facility that provided much improved efficiency within operations and room for the anticipated growth of the City. The design of the addition to the facility included a new main entry presenting a more urban image reflective of the transitioning community.