K.E. Little Elementary School

The organization of K.E. Little Elementary allows the library to be at the heart of the building with classroom pods organized around the perimeter. The ancillary and noisy areas of the facility are located at the farthest point from the heart of the academic center. Each classroom pod has a gathering area at its center allowing for a smaller educational setting within the larger school. These multipurpose areas are used for queuing students before and after school, multi-class gatherings and to create a sense of place and belonging for the students in that area. Each pod is defined by color and the shape of its entrance off of the corridor surrounding the library.

The building entries are separated to reduce traffic conflicts between buses, staff autos and public autos. The buses drop at a long covered area that enters near the cafeteria for staging large groups of students during inclement weather. The entrance to this facility was designed around a nautical theme which was requested by the end users.