Hometown Bank

IBI Group has partnered with Hometown Bank to design the last three banks Hometown has built in the area; locations including Alvin, Friendswood and Pearland. The bank changed design direction after the Alvin branch, wanting to make more prominent community presence with their buildings; and even explore the idea of their building contributing to their identity as many banks do. Hometown Bank Friendswood was designed not only to provide a well-functioning facility, but also to establish the building as their brand. The new bank site chosen for the project is located in downtown Friendswood where stringent architectural control is maintained to assure the continuity of the city’s image.

IBI Group worked closely with the bank’s management and the city of Friendswood to design a facility that met the goals of both entities. The final solution is one that not only meets the present and future growth needs of the bank, but also is representative of the character of Friendswood. The design of the building contributed to greater than expected growth  projections Hometown had set for the new branch for the first year. Because of the success of the design, the same building has been substantially repeated at a subsequent branch located in Pearland.