Holbrook Elementary School
Additions and Renovations

Holbrook Elementary was an addition of 10 (Net) new classrooms, an administration addition and kitchen addition that was phased construction on an occupied campus. The total project duration was 96 weeks. Redevelopment of the second oldest elementary school in a major district started with visioning and goal setting sessions with community, administrators and campus staff which led to the decision to create a new community image for the 45 year old campus in a semi-urban neighborhood. Early planning meetings involved parents, community, staff and students. Additional department meetings were held to determine needs from each curriculum area.

This elementary school was redeveloped to achieve two primary goals. First, to provide expanded student capacity and add an early childhood ‘head start’ program. Second, to create a “like new” campus feel and image without demolishing the existing tilt-up concrete structure. The existing small urban setting site with flood plain encroachments, addition options were limited. The final design solution met both goals and logistics of phased construction was accomplished while 850 students occupied the campus.

Holbrook Elementary School was demolished in the interior leaving only the structure to be reconfigured for groupings of academic houses. Specialty areas, special needs, life skills, library etc. were located between academic houses for shared access, science classrooms with movable walls for flexibility located in the new addition keeping them together for economy of construction. Administration addition improved visual control of the main entry and corridors.