Levi Fry Intermediate School

Levi Fry Intermediate School is a replacement school that is 106,796 SF housing fifth and sixth grade students. The building was designed for a 900 student population and is situated in the middle of a 50-acre tract of land with the east end of the tract occupied by approximately seven acres of wetlands. One of the design goals was to provide separate fifth and sixth grade wings with the resource library and administration areas situated in between and separated by a high entrance gallery. Noisy areas such as the music hall, gymnasium and cafeteria are grouped in a third wing of the building, keeping the academic areas quieter. Natural light is abundant throughout the school, including all classrooms and most corridors. Clerestory windows in the entrance gallery and single-sided corridors lined with windows provide an attractive interplay between the exterior environment and interior spaces.

The wetland area is a tree-filled area and serves as an environmentally friendly buffer between the school and the busy entrance street. The east side of the building faces the wetlands allowing an undisturbed view of the natural area. In a joint venture between the District and the City of Texas City, an 80 ft. long pedestrian bridge was erected across a drainage ditch that separated the property from the adjacent residential areas to allow children to have easy access to the front of the school. Inviting exterior courtyards and carefully selected native landscaping around the school resulted in an attractive project for the District and community.