Edward "Doc" Taylor High School

This 3,000 student capacity high school was envisioned as the new flagship high school for a growing Alief ISD. Edward “Doc” Taylor High School (502,000 SF) is similar in size to that of many Texas towns.

This project should reflect traditional conservative educational values while recognizing the functional needs of a 21st century high school. The school should be a student-centered, exciting and comfortable setting for academics. The facility shall have a “sense of place” developed throughout the project giving the campus an individual “identity” as well as providing clear orientation for students and visitors alike.

With the mission statement as the compass to guide us on the journey, concepts were developed which focused on the program needs and responded to the unique qualities of the site, all of which were measured against the mission statement. The concept that ultimately emerged was that of a small community with a city hall, main streets, business shops, residential areas, entertainment areas, as well as parks and recreation.

Along each of the three (3) main streets are the various community services for Alief ISD, while the secondary circulation paths lead to the individual academic community needs. North main street contains the quiet academic core functions, while the south main street accommodates the noisy fine arts and athletic activities. Each main street radiates out from the commons rotunda town square that serves as the geographic center of the campus which allows for a singular point security monitoring of each pedestrian pathway.