J. Frank Dobie High School
Ninth Grade Campus

The conception of the new Ninth Grade Campus was initiated due to the overcrowding of the current J. Frank Dobie High School. Due to growth in enrollment in the upcoming years, Pasadena ISD decided to open a new ninth grade campus housing exclusively freshmen students. The building is designed to accommodate as many as 1,200 ninth graders with enrollment predicted to be around 1,000 students.

The new campus is located just a few miles from the current high school. The close proximity allows the design of the new building to mirror the existing campus with the use of similar materials and colors, yet the distance allows the new campus the opportunity to be its own entity with fresh ideas that celebrate a student’s start in a high school environment. The new building has several open areas for students to collaborate and discuss their ideas, including a large flex area outside the library that can be used for presentations, classes or meetings with fellow classmates. The natural light flows into the learning spaces, creating an inviting and stimulating atmosphere. In the middle of it all, there is a large and secure exterior courtyard, beautifully landscaped for students to enjoy while eating lunch, attending an outside lecture or socializing after school. The goal of the design was to provide a school that engages students and stimulates learning while providing a place that allows students to transition from the middle school environment to high school experience.

+ Master planning was completed by IBI Group for this district.