J. Frank Dobie High School

Constructed in the early 1970’s, J. Frank Dobie High School was originally designed for 2,000 students and offered no room for expansion. Ultimately, a decision was made to construct a new Dobie High School on a nearby 80-acre parcel.

The J. Frank Dobie High School is designed for 3,000 students with three (3) distinctive houses. A fine arts center complete with an auditorium satisfies the art, music and theatre needs. A physical education center with a triple gymnasium was included for the numerous athletic events. Lastly, technology labs surround a state of the art library on the second floor with an administration office on the ground floor. All areas are connected by two (2) large pedestrian streets that are separated by a two-story cafeteria. Two (2) open courtyards border the cafeteria and bring natural light into the heart of the school. The administration and academic areas are strategically positioned in the front of the school thereby separating them from the noisy school activities such as band, gym and music.