Dishman Elementary School

Dishman Elementary School is a facility built to house Pre-K through 5th grade students. It is located on a 31-acre tract centered between two “green spaces” to maintain the natural openness as development closes in around the site.

The 98,436 SF facility accommodates 750 students and allows for future classroom expansion with minimal disruption to the main facility. The library is the focus of design and is centrally located near the main entry. All grade levels are adjacent to the library and radiate out from and around this important space. The Cafetorium, combination cafeteria and gymnasium, is easily divided by a suspended folding wall panel system. This system adds flexibility for up to two separate functions for separate activities. The long open corridors loop by the classroom pods and around the library core to allow clear lines of sight for security. The main corridor, adjacent to the classroom pod, doubles as a display gallery for that pod.