David Kent Holmquist
Elementary School

Holmquist Elementary School is a compact school housing 1060 Kindergarten through 5th graders.  Due to the project’s small site size of 11.25 acres, the original plan for a one story facility was adjusted to a two story design.  Kindergarten through 2nd grades occupy the first floor, with 3rd through 5th grades utilizing the 2nd story.

The interior of Holmquist has a unique touch as the interior colors and scheme are based on a painting by 20th century Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.  Through the collaboration of IBI Group’s interior design department and the district’s facilities department, Kandinsky’s “Homage to Grohmann” painting was simplified to incorporate brighter colors and distinct shapes as appropriate for elementary age students.  The painting’s elements can be seen in the cafeteria, the central rotunda and even in the carpet patterns throughout the school.