Channelview High School

The Channelview High School  design concept is based on three functionally distinct educational environments pinwheeling off of the central commons circulation hub.

The central commons clearly defines the entrance to the campus and combines with the multi-level cafeteria to provide sunlight and openness, with exterior vistas of the forest to enhance the space and experience of the students. The two-story circulation malls give light, color, and open views of the site.

The quiet academic house includes the classroom/laboratory areas, library and lecture hall. The second learning environment, or house, includes all the vocational laboratories with service courts. The third house includes the active areas such as gymnasiums, athletics, fine arts, and the auditorium. All three of these areas are designed for future expansion. Many of the spaces such as the gymnasiums, auditorium, and library can be blocked off from the other areas for public access.