Aaron Sanders
  • Cloverleaf Elementary School
  • Cloverleaf Elementary School
  • Kerr High School Fine Arts Addition

Aaron Sanders, Associate Principal


Aaron Sanders is a registered architect in the state of Texas with over 19 years’ architectural experience that consists of PreK-12, commercial and public sector projects. He is a multi-faceted Associate Principal who acts as a go-to source for many of our staff members while leading project management efforts throughout the programming, design, technical production and construction administration phases. Where most architects’ strengths lie on either the design side or the technical side of the profession, Aaron is talented in both arenas. He has a passion for mentoring which is spawned from his belief that it is our obligation to teach, coach and share information with our next generation of emerging professionals. Mr. Sanders has contributed greatly to IBI Group’s efforts in Dickinson ISD, Galena Park ISD and Alief ISD. Notable examples of Aaron’s educational work include Cloverleaf Elementary School, Kerr High School Fine Arts Addition and Dickinson High School Addition and Renovations. 

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