Channelview Athletic Complex

Located in the distant shadow of a famous Texas Monument, Channelview Athletic Complex completes the multi-decade vision of the District’s modernization. Proper planning by past Board members placed the then new high school adjacent to this property. Today’s vision includes modern facilities accessible by students during-the-school-day.

A congested site plan demanded precise site dimensions and final installation dimensions.  Meetings with subcontractors and suppliers were conducted during the design process to verify overall and specific measurement of materials, necessary installation clearances and finish products.  At times, specific design challenges were addressed with physical models being assembled. A Design Committee of the Board, Administration, coaches, and the community, toured local, new facilities to derive issues of community impact, quality and quantity.  Early in the design, through a Collaborative process, the Contractor and major subcontractors generated construction cost estimations allowing the design committee to maximize the square footage, define construction materials, and avoid post bid reductions while staying below the project budget.